We hear a lot about the importance of STEM subjects these days. But what is STEM, and why is it important? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The acronym was first coined by former U.S President Bill Clinton in 1993 as a way to focus the nation on improving education in those fields. Nowadays it’s used interchangeably with the term “STEAM” which adds an Arts component to STEM because those skills are also needed for some careers today. In its most basic form, STEM is simply a way for students to learn to apply their knowledge of Math and Science. This is a slightly different tack from the more standardized model of previous years which focused more on concepts and processes. The best way for understanding STEM is to see it in action. Here’s a sample lesson from a typical middle school math class: A student who was learning this lesson would start by writing down as many as he or she can remember or think of for each field. This is the same as memorizing. Next, the student would see which of those are represented by positive fractions. They would then go over each answer with the teacher to be sure they are all correctly memorized. From here, the student would then do a “vocabulary review” on fractions and mixed numbers to be sure he or she had enough knowledge to understand the material being covered in class. This is essentially Backwards Planning because they are studying what they will need to learn first before they learn it. Once the student has a solid foundation in place, he or she can move on to working out the problems in class. This part is the meat of the lesson and where most people would think STEM comes into play. In this lesson, however, all the work is done by memorizing and applying knowledge from previous lessons. In other words, it’s still mostly just regular math being taught in a STEM way. While there are some real benefits to this approach, there are also a few drawbacks: STEM learning still largely focuses on memorization and knowledge retention for many topics which can be a problem in itself if taught to early in a student’s education. This can lead to a lack of creativity, which is often needed in some STEM careers. Another issue with the current method of learning is that it’s almost impossible for students to get enough practice in without having access to resources at home or online. Students also get very little feedback during learning. While there are certainly benefits to STEM learning, more research is needed to find out how best to teach these subjects that are still not fully understood by experts today.

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